Treatment Plan

Oral Appliance Evaluation and Treatment Plan

My team and I have special training and equipment to determine the best appliance design for your needs. There are about 120 different appliances in current use.

Initial evaluation includes:

  • Medical and Dental history
  • Examination
  • Evaluation to determine the most appropriate oral applaince
  • Using sound wave technology to evaluate the nasal passageway and size of the airway in various sleep positions (rhinometer and pharyngometer)
  • Necessary radiographs

When Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) is indicated:

  • Impressions of the upper and lower teeth are taken
  • Appliance is dental laboratory fabricated
  • Appliance is inserted, fitted and adjusted to maximize effectiveness
  • Ongoing case management includes short and long term follow-up. (This includes evaluating your responses to the OAT, the condition of the appliance and your comfort with the treatment)
  • We offer an at home overnight sleep study to measure blood and oxygen levels, apneic events and sleeping stages.

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