• "It’s never too late for cosmetic dentistry. Stanley Dorrow proved that for me. When a face lift is past being appropriate a bright new smile is what you need--not faking your age, just making you look better than you ever did before."
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Dorrow's for five years and have complained for four of those years about the unusual and extremely uncomfortable condition of having to THINK about where to place my teeth in my mouth. Imagine having to think about every breath you take and you'll have a sense of just how miserable I was! Well, when it dawned on me that I was spending more time thinking about where to put my teeth than where to put the furniture in my new home office, I decided to ?bite the bullet?, if you will, and have the occlusal adjustment. It would not be an exaggeration to say my life changed! Now the only time I think about my teeth is when I have to brush them! What a relief... I wish I'd done it sooner.

    A very satisfied patient,"
  • "I would like to state for the record the positive feeling I take home after having visited the dental office of Dr. Dorrow. I have known Dr. Dorrow since March of 1980. I had stopped going to dentist out of fear. That all changed after meeting Dr. Dorrow. 26 years later I still look forward to going to his office, which is a throw-back of olden days, complete with old stove, a crank phone, and the aroma of fresh bread that is baked daily. I am in a comfort zone. However, the most important aspect of being a patient there is being treated like you?re the most important patient anywhere. His staff is second to none in terms of courtesy, concern about everything going on in your life, professionalism and gentleness. A truly wonderful experience is now a visit to the dentist, especially when it's the office of Dr. Dorrow and staff where everyone is treated like family. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you as a testimonial to quality service and being in a great atmosphere."
  • "I'm extremely pleased with the cosmetic work Dr. Dorrow performed to improve my smile-- not to mention the overall care and attention I've received for over the past two decades."
  • "I have suffered from chronic tension headaches for over a decade. So many doctors that I have seen have focused on the symptoms, and not the cause, of my pain. All too often, I have been rushed through consultations and prescribed various medications to alleviate my suffering. While medication sometimes helped in the short term, my headaches would inevitably resurface with time, stress, or eventual immunity to the drugs. Dr. Dorrow is different from other physicians in that he focuses on the source of the headache itself, which, in my case, is associated with the TMJ and misalignment of the teeth. He takes the time to talk to his patients about the specific nature of their pain, understanding that each patient and each headache type is unique. Dr. Dorrow and his team are passionate about their work and truly care about their patients. With their help and support, I feel that I am tackling the root of my problem for the first time in my life."
  • "I thought I was going to need a whole new filling and crown on a tooth that had ached and annoyed me on and off for years. It seemed like just one of those ?problem? teeth that would never feel right. But, before moving forward with replacing the crown, Dr. Dorrow suggested checking my bite. It took a few minutes to make some subtle adjustments and within a couple of days? no more pain! It still feels miraculous several months later. I really appreciate the fact that Dr. Dorrow made the effort to explore a less expensive, low-tech approach and it's made all the difference in the world!"
  • "Hi Dr. Dorrow,

    Guten Tag from Bremen, Germany! I wanted to thank you and tell you that my jaw has been feeling so well this year. I have been able to do so many things since moving to Germany in August that I was in too much pain to do before. I am really enjoying teaching 2nd grade and have built a good community here. I have also enjoyed traveling around Germany, Greece and Italy. I am so thankful for you and everyone at your office for working so hard with me all of last school year when I was at home. I hope that you have had a very good beginning to 2011!"

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